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Sepia Toning



Technique step by step (for Photoshop 6.0)

  1. Load the photo to be edited. Make sure the photograph is in 8 bit mode.
  2. Make it monochrome by selecting Image/Adjustments/Desaturate or by pressing Shift + Ctrl + U as shown in the figure below
  3. Now create a new Layer from Layer/New?Layer option or by pressing shortcut Shift + Ctrl + N

    Alternatively you can click on the new layer icon in the layers window as shown below
  4. Select brownish Orange color
  5. Now select the Paint Bucket tool.

  6. Make sure the new layer is the active layer

    and flood the new layer with orange color.
  7. Now adjust the opacity of the new orage colored layer till you see the image clearly
  8. The last step is to change the Layer blending option to Color as shown below
  9. The finished picture will look like

    If you found the color is too strong, reduce the opacity of the color layer from 100% to a lower value.

Do experiment with other layer blending options as well as other orange or brown color till you get your proper sepia effect.